X-Net® Vehicle Arresting System: Exceptional Vehicle Stopping Power (Anglais)

Time is of the essence in the circumstances where it’s necessary to stop an escaping vehicle. In these demanding situations where fast reaction times are the key, deployment of the system needs to be rapid and simple. Its effects must be reliable. And the issue of safety of bystanders, those deploying the system and the vehicle’s occupants, is never far away. An issue that goes hand in hand with minimizing any damage to the target vehicle. The X-Net® non-lethal, man portable system, with its unique spiked net design, can fully arrest a wide range of vehicles quickly and easily with the minimum of harm.

It’s portable, quick, effective and safe.
QinetiQ scientists and engineers have faced a serious challenge in finding a solution to stopping vehicles that brings them to a halt more rapidly and safely. Conventional systems have relied on puncturing tyres. The risk is that the vehicle has the potential to continue its progress for some considerable time and distance in an uncontrolled state before coming to a halt. It’s these issues, with the inherent dangers they carry, that QinetiQ scientists have addressed head-on. The result of this work is X-Net®, offering distinct advantages over other systems. X-Net® is the only man portable, non-lethal vehicle arresting solution available today. It brings the target vehicle to a complete standstill, under control, irrespective of standard or run flat type tyres. Manually deployed in under 20 seconds, the X-Net® employs a unique spiked net design. The barbed spikes in the leading edge of the net pierce the front tyres of the moving vehicle. The net then envelopes the front tyres and is pulled tight under the vehicle to stop the wheels rotating and bring the vehicle to a standstill. With over four thousand units in service worldwide, this tried and tested system has been adopted and endorsed to cope with the most demanding situations by both military and police forces. X-Net® 3T is designed to stop vehicles up to three tonnes, with its larger version, X-Net® 10T, capable of stopping vehicles up to 10 tonnes, both at 40mph. Its portability and rapid deployment capability easily outperform alternatives such as spike strips or electronic engine disruption, a method that’s only effective on certain kinds of engine management systems.



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