Halite was founded in 2016 and by military veterans and experienced designers from the outdoor industry. Halite is still a veteran-owned small business, focused on creating and developing high quality task driven gear. Each product Halite develops is an answer to an experienced problem, experienced on arduous adventures in the most remote desolate corners of our world or through military missions. Halite exists of veterans, explorers, designers and outdoor enthusiasts – dedicated to developing durable and uncompromising gear. Halite’s ambition is that their gear should never fail, and never yield to its environment – rather, their gear should help you accomplish whatever mission you’re on when you’re out there fighting all elements. Halite has quietly been supplying bags designed for Maritime Operations for many years. Their products have uncompromised functionality, the very best components and are built to be used in the harshest environments.

Veterans by Halite:
Veterans have served. Done their duty. Selflessly. Professionally. They have carried the burden on behalf of the rest of us – from the harsh fjords of northern Norway, through the dusty streets of Balkan villages, the hot desserts of the Middle East, and on the shores of the Somali coast – just to mention a few. It has all come at a cost and have altered their lives in more ways than one. No one comes back without a tear somewhere, visible either on their bodies as fresh scars soon turned to faded memories or hidden away somewhere else, invisible, but still present and detectable in their eyes. Like Veterans, Halite’s gear has been put to the test – either through military missions or through arduous adventures in the most remote desolate corners of the world. A scratched up bag. A worn out zipper. A broken shoulder strap. Nothing is unbreakable – but almost everything is repairable.Veterans by Halite honors our Veterans by showing that damages can and will be fixed – Halite’s gear and our Veterans alike have a great value after their initial mission is completed. Join Halite’s mission to make the gear industry more sustainable. Help us reduce the harm we do to our planet: Don’t throw away your damaged or old Halite gear. Trade it in and let them turn it into a Veteran hero for someone else. Everything is repairable – there are plenty more missions out there. This is Veterans by Halite – Join the Mission

It is a huge inspiration to be working with Halite in the domain of Soldier Systems & Protection. More and more our we see our customers getting aware of a sustainable and thus a better future. Where possible at COBBS we strive to find a new life for used products whenever we can. Recycling ballistic materials, servicing equipment in use to maximise it’s durability and being able to offer Veterans by Halite to our Luxembourg customers. Please contact us for more information on the Halite brand and read more about Veterans by Halite here.

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