The path to the world’s most trusted tactical illumination tools began in 1979 with a plan to build the finest and most innovative equipment of its kind. Today, SureFire continues to be the gold standard in the industry it created, and it has grown into an American manufacturing success story. With the entirety of the company’s infrastructure based in the U.S., SureFire has over 155,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities and administrative offices and employs well over 300 Americans.

The SureFire Turning Center represents the pinnacle of the American manufacturing capability among their operations. The 37,000 square-foot produces the highest quality components out of the finest raw materials. Day and night, a devoted and highly efficient crew works tirelessly to ensure every SureFire illumination tool is the best it can be.SureFire has invested heavily in sophisticated machining equipment. The Turning Center’s CNC machines are programmed to complete multiple passes on a single part. They literally “turn” it from an indistinguishable piece of raw aluminum into a durable finished component with jewel-like precision in mere seconds. With current market demand, machines are running around the clock, every day doing their best to keep up.

Every SureFire Suppressor is American designed, engineered, and manufactured using  U.S. mill-certified, high-temp Inconel alloy, stainless steel, and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)-compliant titanium. In addition, the majority of their suppressor models are CNC laser-welded to meet the strictest repeatability standards, and they’re coated with Ionbond and Cerakote™ finishes for corrosion resistance.

This superior design and cutting-edge manufacturing helped SureFire win the most rigorous USSOCOM suppressor trial in history, and theycontinue to supply SOCOM suppressors to US’elite military forces and its allies. All of SureFire’s handheld, hands-free, and Weaponlights are hand-assembled by an equally dedicated team of American employees who take  commitment to quality personally. SureFire uses only the finest components, such as aerospace-grade aluminum and the best glass-filled, UV-stabilized polymers. SureFire’s in-house component production also includes manufacturing 90 percent of the printed circuit boards (PCB) used in SureFire products at this facility. Each PCB design is designed specifically for its intended application to ensure maximum reliability and consistency. Before final assembly, the PCBs and all other electronics – including gold-plated and non-corrosive metals – receive a conformal coating. This protective polymer film is applied four times the industry-standard thickness to ensure maximum protection against corrosion from moisture, dust, and other foreign matter.

Whether machined from aluminum or crafted from polymer, SureFire’s illumination tool bodies are built to take punishment and keep on doing their job. Every SureFire illumination tool incorporates durable O-rings and gaskets to seal out moisture. The aluminum (and the aluminum heads used on their polymer-bodied products) are coated with Mil-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing for lifetime protection against corrosion. SureFire doesn’t batch test or random test illumination tools. Just as with their suppressors, they test every single unit of every model. Every LED emitter is checked with a sophisticated lumisphere to ensure that it delivers the advertised lumen output, and it is also verify that every switch performs to their quality standards. In the case of rechargeable products, it is made sure that every charging port functions as intended. No SureFire product goes out the door unless they know it is right.

This level of commitment to precision American manufacturing doesn’t come cheap. Still, there’s a good reason SureFire commits to going the extra mile, investing in the best materials, the best manufacturing equipment, and the best people; SureFire has always built the best for the best, the men and women who go in harm’s way to preserve freedom and  aren’t willing to cut corners that could compromise their safety.

SureFire and COBBS share the belief that nothing but the very best is good enough for the men and women that need it, this sets our standards: For the man and women on the ground. At COBBS, our team of seasoned industry insiders with extensive military backgrounds understand that reliable and adequate equipment contribute to a successful mission. SureFire’s industry-leading innovation has been guided by the pursuit of offering cutting-edge solutions for high-stakes problems.

COBBS Industries, in the account of Weapon Systems & Optics, has been representing SureFire for more than a decade and we are proud to have been named SureFire’s “European distributor of the year” for three consecutive years.  The strength of our partnership lies in the ability to offer a broad spectrum of cutting-edge gear to meet (or exceed) the specific needs of our Benelux Police and Defense customers in the field of Weapon Systems & Optics.

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