Ghost, not just a drone, it’s AI

Anduril is a defence technology company that is part of our account Unmanned Systems & Sensors. Their mission is to transform US & allied military and national security capabilities with advanced technology. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to defence, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, procured, and used.

Andurils Family of Systems approach uses their Lattice OS software platform fully integrated with Anduril and third-party hardware to provide advanced technology solutions for national defence and homeland security. Through this software-first approach, Anduril provides comprehensive solutions for a variety of missions, including counter intrusion, border security, counter UAS, and ISR & Targeting, and multi-domain command and control. Anduril products and solutions are deployed all around the world today in support of homeland, military, and combat operation missions.

The Ghost is an intelligent vertical takeoff and landing system, the most intelligent VTOL UAS in Group 2. With real-time multi-mission intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, up to 55 minutes of continuous flight time and near-silent acoustics, the Ghost is mission-ready. It’s also a portable system that can be assembled and prepared for flight by a single operator in less than 3 minutes. The Ghost is waterproof, weatherproof and capable of multiple missions.

Ghost’s single-rotor design allows for vertical takeoff and precise landing in confined spaces. But it’s also future-proof for rapid customization. Ghost is designed for easy payload integration and field maintenance. Networked payload bays and a quick-attach gimbal allow for quick module changes in the field and safe handling of sensitive components. Furthermore, it enables you to point-and-click mission planning. 

Operative System Lattice

The Ghost is powered by the Lattice operating system, which is applied artificial intelligence. Lattice provides essential aeronautical capabilities without increasing complexity and cognitive load on operators.  The operating system enables point-and-click mission planning; plan missions, flight operations, task sensors, and navigation with a single click, for safe and efficient flight with minimal instruction and training.

With state-of-the-art performance, it leverages AI, computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms to autonomously detect, classify and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth and contested environments. Finally, an operator can easily control teams of autonomous Ghosts collaborating on complex mission profiles.

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