We are pleased to announce that COBBS is appointed as DefendTex’ exclusive distributor for the BeNeLux region. DefendTex complements our strong Unmanned Systems & Sensors portfolio, helping us to provide the men on the ground with effective solutions to enhance their safety and fighting capabilities.

DefendTex is recognised as one of the most innovative defence technology companies in Australia. Its core capabilities are Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing & Evaluation and Commercialisation for Land, Sea and Aerospace platforms.
DefendTex has state of the art facilities within which to produce world leading weapons technology. Engineering and design services continue to be a driving force in the company’s evolution along with an extensive team highly adept at structured product development.
DefendTex design capabilities have brought several revolutionary products to the marketplace by transforming ideas into sound technology such as the DRONE40.

More information about DefendTex can be found on: https://www.defendtex.com/

For more information, presentation or demonstration, please contact us directly.

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