We are pleased to announce that COBBS is appointed as Halite’s dealer for the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Halite complements our strong Soldier Systems & Protection portfolio, helping us to ensure we can give the man on the ground the advantage.

Halite is a Norwegian SOF veteran-owned business, dedicated to develop uncompromising gear for the modern explorer and operational warfighter. Working in-house with personnel from leading special operations forces, outdoor and expedition specialists, Halite has been supplying airtight, waterproof and submergible bags designed for everything from Maritime Operations to expeditions in arctic waters and climbing in the Himalayas. In addition to these bags, Halite has created a two-bag system that solves many of the current day issues with sleeping bags. These sleeping bags can be used separately or together, all depending on the mission and its needs. The two-bag system provides flexibility: Use any bag on its own or combine it for added warmth. In fluctuating temperatures and climate these bags offer unbeatable flexibility and modularity.

Halite’s products have uncompromised functionality, the very best components and are built to be used in the harshest environments.

More information on Halite can be found on:

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