For 495 years Beretta Holding S.P.A. has been a company rooted in strong traditions, but always looking towards the future and ready to take on new challenges, thanks to investments on human capital and new technologies.

Beretta – The worlds ‘oldest’ and largest manufacturer of small arms and partner of many international Defence and Law Enforcement agencies.

Beretta’s PMX submachine gun was developed specifically for the demanding needs of law enforcement and military users around the world. First introduced in 2017, it is intended to replace the obsolete Beretta PM12S sub-machine guns in use by Italian LE, SOF and for worldwide distribution. It is reliable, accurate, and safe.

The PMX is compact and lightweight, designed with polymer materials and light alloy metals. The operation of the PMX is based on a blowback system designed with a closed-bolt firing mode. Barrel and bolt are machined from special high-strength steel to withstand harsh environments and abusive conditions. Upper receiver is made from an aluminium tube and is covered by a polymer shell. The lower receiver with pistol grip and magazine housing is made from polymer. The PMX three-position fire selector is easily accessible for right and left-handed users. The Beretta PMX submachine gun is compact and can be easily concealed by folding the stock with the push of a button. An oversized button releases the magazine, guaranteeing easy operation while wearing gloves.

Special surface finishes and treatments are applied to the firing mechanisms and other areas where friction exists to reduce wear and maintenance needs. Multiple Picatinny rails allow the PMX to be easily customized by mounting around the receiver a combination of illuminators, laser pointers, and other enablers.

This summer Beretta announced the 9mm Beretta PMX’s, the semi-automatic variant of the PMX sub- machinegun: the heir of the venerable PM-12 has a civilian grade version, ideal for close protection, property protection or private security.

Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) was created in 2012, is the strategic alliance of four Beretta Defence companies: Beretta, Benelli, SAKO and Steiner. These founding companies of BDT produce some of the finest weaponry and equipment in their market. Masters of excellence and new world thinkers, these companies have focused their combined technical prowess to become a single source contact in an effort to supply governments and agencies with the vital tools that fully address the requirements of modern combat and policing.

BDT is a proven solution of services, weaponry and equipment – including firearms, ammunition, optics, electro-optics and tactical clothing – but the alliance is more than mere physical products, it offers the opportunity to enhance the performance of each product.

Together with our Weapon Systems & Optics account for the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg we look forward to continue to fulfil the unique requirements of the LEAF community together with BDT as one of our trusted partners.

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