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The revolutionary Skydio X10 is designed for first responders, infrastructure operators, and allied militaries worldwide. It possesses advanced sensors capable of capturing crucial data details, coupled with AI-driven autonomy to deploy these sensors wherever necessary. This compact and user-friendly package surpasses any previous technology in terms of capability and versatility. 
The X10 is the result of the knowledge gained by Skydio from delivering over 40,000 intelligent flying machines and serving more than 1,500 Enterprise and Government organizations over the course of a decade. It marks a significant milestone as the first drone carefully designed from scratch, with a deep understanding of the requirements of Skydio’s most demanding professional users, especially in high-stakes scenarios. 

This drone takes a substantial leap forward by bringing together world-class hardware, including advanced sensors, modularity, and connectivity, with the renowned autonomy that defines Skydio. This progress is attributed to a remarkable 10 times increase in onboard compute power and navigation camera resolution, all housed in an airframe that can transition from a backpack to airborne in under 40 seconds. It is tough, quiet, and resistant to electromagnetic interference. 


With superior cameras and enhanced optics, the Skydio X10 surpasses any drone of its size. It features high-resolution visual and radiometric cameras within modular sensor packages, ensuring you can capture precise details tailored to your specific job requirements.

The X10 features the best sensors even in a drone this size and is the first of its class with the FLIR Boson+ sensor delivering the highest quality thermal imaging. 
It provides 640 x 512 radiometric thermal imaging with maximum sensitivity. Features a one-inch 50-megapixel sensor paired with a custom wide-angle lens or a 64-megapixel narrow-angle camera for capturing essential data even in low-light inspection conditions. The Transition Zoom capability allows reading a license plate from 250 meters and identifying cars from a distance of four kilometers.

Detect temperature differences even on a hot day

Detect a person on a roof in complete darkness

Adapt to changing mission requirements

Skydio X10’s unique computer vision capabilities make it the only drone on the market to operate fully autonomously at night or in low-light environments. This is made possible by powerful add-on lighting attachments placed at the top and bottom, delivering brilliant 360-degree illumination for the drone.

This Skydio lighting attachment is called the NightSense and illuminates the path for the X10 navigation cameras, enabling their perception even in complete darkness. This ensures unparalleled situational awareness, both day and night. They are offered for either visible light or infrared navigation cameras.

The visible light navigation cameras are well-suited for organizations primarily operating during the day with occasional night requirements. For organizations emphasizing night work, the IR-sensitive navigation cameras allow the X10 to be flown more discreetly.

With the Speaker and Microphone attachment, the Skydio X10 pilot is able to speak in the X10 Controller microphone for broadcasting messages through the drone’s integrated speaker. When on the ground, the X10 supports two-way communication. This lightweight attachment can be seamlessly integrated with the X10 airframe. The rugged, weatherproof design of the speaker ensures reliable performance in challenging conditions.

With the high-power Spotlight attachment, your Skydio X10 drone can Illuminate dark environments. You can modify the brightness within the 0-100% range and switch between solid or strobe light modes. Rotate the spotlight up to 180 degrees on either side of the drone for precise directional lighting. When you have two spotlights attached, the system delivers 10 lux of illumination, adequate for identifying individuals at a distance of 60 meters. Even with just one spotlight, there is still 5 lux of light, ensuring ample visibility.


With the Skydio X10, you can fly without limits even in GPS-denied or high EMI environments. This drone recognizes its surroundings, captures data automatically, and gets smarter over time. With the support of an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin GPU, the X10 leverages unparalleled computing power to make the right decisions in real-time. Equipped with six custom-designed navigation lenses, it ensures 360-degree visibility, eliminating blind spots and enabling fearless flight in any environment. 

The onboard AI and autonomy of the X10 reduce the learning curve, empowering every member of an organization to harness the capabilities of X10’s high-quality sensors. This enables the detection of a wide range of issues, from a 0.1mm crack in concrete to a malfunctioning solar cell through thermal inspection.

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