Gentex Corporation is well-known for advanced personal protection equipment, including ballistic helmets, respiratory protection systems, and other military and law enforcement gear. Ops-Core is a brand under Gentex Corporation that focuses on producing high-performance helmets and headgear for tactical and special operations use.

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Ops-Core introduced the RAILINK System for FAST HELMET Systems to support military and law enforcement. It is a patented groundbreaking innovation and the first of its kind in the industry. It enables integrated power supply and data exchange between devices mounted on the helmet.
The system consists of Ops-Core’s ARC rails, and FAST helmet systems, which are powered by a centralized power source. With a regular helmet system, you are used to accouterments and accessories that run on their own battery source and power. That can turn into complications like weight and battery life. But now this problem is solved. All the accessories plugged into the RAILINK are powered by one battery box that powers the RAILINK system.

The battery compartment is located on the back of the helmet and is similar to the power supply for NV (Night Vision) devices. This configuration ensures a seamless and efficient power supply for the various accessories integrated into the helmet. The system acts as a central power hub for the helmet, providing electricity to and facilitating data exchange among a diverse range of intelligent nodes and a versatile VAS/NVG interface. This interface empowers the user to seamlessly operate various sensor systems with ease. This way no external cabling has to be involved, resulting in a streamlined helmet setup. This reduces snag hazards, enhances power management efficiency, and offers an open data-sharing protocol.

The RAILINK offers a solution that sets a new standard of versatility and innovation in the industry for existing and upcoming headborne systems. With the RAILINK integration of a broad range of sensors, displays, augmented reality capability, and wireless functionality is possible. This system will improve protection and lethality significantly without losing the effectiveness of the user’s performance or adding to their physical burden.

Currently, Gentex Ops-Core is collaborating with Princeton Tec, SureFire, and CORE Survival to develop the accessories that fit on the RAILINK. For example, the mini flashlights of SureFire and Princeton Tec can be mounted on the ARC rails of the RAILINK system. The Railink Switch MPLS of Princeton Tec is a low light/IR easy-to-operate directional lighting solution that works with the Gentex Railink powered rail system.
CORE Survival’s HEL-STAR Rail Strobe is a helmet-rail mounted visible (white) and IR synchronized strobe marker installed on both sides of the helmet. It leaves the top of the helmet clear for reduced snag hazards and increased mobility. At the front of the system, a night vision can be plugged into the RAILINK.

Gentex Ops-Core is looking forward to collaborating with future partners to further expand the sensory, accessory, and capabilities of RAILINK.

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