Kinesis, Common control for unmanned systems

In this month’s Product Focus series we highlight Tomahawk Robotics and Tomahawk’s solution Kinesis, a communications-agnostic, common control solution that transforms how humans work with robots and unmanned systems in the most harsh environments.

This short video of Kinesis shows in 2 minutes, how operators can work together with multiple robot and drones, with one platform. Kinesis unlocks 20+ unmanned systems from over a dozen manufacturers. Through “one pane of glass”, platforms are easily controllable from a common User Interface, upgraded with AI capabilities and connected to the tactical network.

Kinesis is the next step in body-worn, common control for all your unmanned systems. Built to work with your existing kit, Kinesis unifies your unmanned systems fleet into a common operating picture that is networked for team collaboration and enhanced by powerful AI to tackle mundane tasks while you focus on what matters most.

Tomahawk Robotics
Tomahawk Robotics is innovative by nature, developing one of the most innovative platforms currently on the market. The company focuses on engineering excellence and unlocking true interoperability. Tomahawk employs a seasoned team of technical experts, commercial experts and veterans from all Armed services that are highly motivated to create the best solutions for today’s war fighters.

Multi-domain operations
The future battlefield is connected, networked and dictates speed to ensure mission success. Multiple elements in an AO use different unmanned systems for the task at hand. An Engineer cutting a wire with a QinetiQ Dragon Runner 20 needs full attention to twist the manipulator arm precisely. A UAV operator launches the AeroVironment Puma or Raven to scan for targets in the vicinity. An assaulter throws a small UGV onto the floor above to get eyes on in the hallway. All three elements can perform these tasks simultaneously and share the video feed to create optimal situational awareness.

The addition of AI
With KxM, Tomahawk’s AI edge processer, tasks can be automated with the use of AI. In the example above, a UAV operator can task the Puma or Raven to fly patterns over the battlefield, while concentrating on target acquisition. The C2 and fire support element can all tap into the feed to have an overview of the battlefield, enabling full situational awareness. Drones or robots without on-board autonomy, can now explore autonomous capabilities with the intelligence of KxM.

Units that develop own advanced algorithms, such as facial recognition or target recognition, can run these algorithms on the KxM, extending the capabilities of their unmanned systems, enabling one UxS operator to be the force multiplier of the team.

Supported systems
Tomahawk offers integrations with over 25 systems from a dozen manufacturers. Think of the QinetiQ Talon, SPUR and Dragon Runners, DefendTex Drone 40, Aerovironment Switchblade and Puma, Ghost Robotics V60, General Dynamics SMET and a host of tactical UAS like the Skydio XD2, Teal Golden Eagle, FLIR ION M440 and Parrot ANAFI.

Integrations to new systems can be facilitated by either Tomahawk or the UxS vendor, increasing the list of supported systems to facilitate a multitude of units.

Every operator knows how important training is. Kinesis SIM is the simulation environment where a user can easily start training or educating other operators on the system. With Kinesis SIM, you lose the hassle of getting your systems ready, travel to a flight zone and weather restrictions (mist, heavy rain, etc.). Just grab your controller and start a training mission with the many pre-loaded systems. The best part? Kinesis SIM is pre-loaded on the KxM.

COBBS and Tomahawk
COBBS is active in the domain of unmanned systems for a long time, as trusted partner of QinetiQ and DefendTex. Offering a true complementary portfolio of unmanned systems, requires interoperability between these often very different systems.

Kinesis is the platform connecting these dots, opening up opportunities to use a Dragon Runner 20 with a Drone 40 without losing focus on the mission. True interoperability is currently the main subject in many soldier digitalization programs around the world. How can we connect elements, share information and act upon that information if not all players have a real-time common operating picture. Tomahawk Robotics offers a proven solution that enables true interoperability and enhances situational awareness with the use of multiple unmanned systems.

At COBBS, we define mission success when the goals are achieved and lives are saved. The use of unmanned systems greatly increases situational awareness, leading to increasing a unit’s lethality and survivability. Operated by a single operator without cognitive overload is creating that force multiplier for the man on the ground. This is what we aim to achieve.

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