MYSTERY RANCH has been building the world’s most durable packs for over two decades. Their military packs reflect the soldiers they support and provide the best quality, the most resilience, and the greatest capacity to complete the mission.

MYSTERY RANCH developed the Jump packs several years ago working closely with the MFF (Military Free Fall) community. The different Jump packs come in different sizes and the characteristics of each jump pack come down to construction details. The JUMP OVERLOAD is their most advanced weapons carry backpack made jumpable.


The MYSTERY RANCH JUMP OVERLOAD delivers a genuinely mission-focused solution for elite operators. Each construction method and detail is meticulously crafted to ensure quick rigging, safe flight, and fast movement.

Type 7 webbing is used on all jump connections. This high-strength webbing ensures durability and reliability in the most demanding situations. Complementing this, Tex 138 thread reinforces all critical areas, providing higher break strength and ensuring the pack can withstand intense use. The pack also features reinforced tie-in loops and lowering line attachment points. These elements are crucial for secure equipment handling during airborne operations. D-rings are included for securing the toggle zippers, ensuring that essential gear is always within reach.

The JUMP OVERLOAD also features MOLLE webbing for attaching accessories. Communication and accessibility are further enhanced by a port at the top of the body panel, which opens from either side. This feature allows for easily routing antennae, cables, and hydration tubes, keeping everything organized and functional.
Removable bolsters offer customizable load configurations, ensuring that the pack can be tailored to the specific needs of the operator and make it adaptable to various mission requirements.

The OVERLOAD feature offers functional expandability with a load sling between the pack and the frame, allowing the bulk of the weight to be positioned closest to your back for optimal comfort. This feature securely holds a rifle or mortar between the frame and the bag using color-coordinated buckles on the weapon compression strap. Additionally, the grippy, high-abrasion Hypalon fabric on the OVERLOAD ensures load stability.


The JUMP OVERLOAD pack, built on the NICE frame, uniquely transforms from a Patrol pack to a weapons carrier to a load hauler. Initially, it serves as a 3,000 cu-in Patrol pack for fast access. When missions change, it securely carries a sniper system, M240G, or a 60mm mortar tube with a bipod, trigger, and M8 baseplate. For resupplying or transporting large, awkward items, expanding the cargo shelf provides massive load-carrying capability.

The NICE frame features patented designs for comfortable load-carrying in military operations. Its Futura Yoke offers eight inches of adjustment to fit various torso lengths, ensuring weight is transferred to the hips, not the shoulders.

NICE Frame

The waistbelt remains in contact with the lumbar area even when unbuckled. The frame allows for torsional movement while its carbon-fiberglass stays ensure vertical rigidity for efficient load transfer. The BVS system (Bolstered Ventilation and Stability system) stabilizes the pack over body armor, maintaining stability under heavy loads. The NICE frame provides military users with durability, stability, and a custom fit for increased operational success.

JUMP OVERLOAD for Paratrooper

The MYSTERY RANCH JUMP OVERLOAD pack is engineered to support the demanding needs of elite operators. Its mission-focused design, combined with durable construction and thoughtful features, makes it an indispensable tool for those at the forefront of tactical operations.

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