TAD stands for Thermal Augmentation Device. This small and lightweight device of Safran Optics 1 is a non-ITAR night vision enhancement and visual augmentation system that features Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology. It has a long operational life of 3 hours on a single CR123A battery and can fit in any pocket and only adds minimal weight to your goggles.

TAD can be seamlessly integrated with conventional Night Vision Devices (NVDs) by using a simple bracket, significantly enhancing threat detection and situational awareness.

Its innovative design leverages low-power consumption, cutting-edge thermal sensor technology, and top-notch optics to deliver unparalleled long-wave infrared capability. Unlike other systems, TAD eliminates the hassle of modifying helmets with specialized equipment, thanks to its convenient bracket mounting system.


The TAD enhances Night Vision Devices (NVDs) by seamlessly integrating thermal imaging capabilities with existing hardware, improving situational awareness without the need for extensive modifications. By adding a long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal overlay onto the traditional image intensified (I2) scene, TAD bridges the gap in functionality, particularly in challenging environments. It features three viewing modes: full thermal, high contrast and outline to use in environments with extremely low-light, no-light or foliated conditions where conventional I2 devices are limited. With TAD’s simple buttons users can modify polarity settings, optimize thermal mode, polarity and brightness.

TAD’s versatility extends to its customizable configuration, allowing users to tailor settings to their specific operational requirements. This adaptability ensures that each user can optimize the device to suit their unique needs, whether it’s for military operations, law enforcement activities, or search and rescue missions. By expanding the capabilities of NVDs without the need for complex hardware modifications, TAD emerges as a vital tool for enhancing threat detection and situational awareness across various operational scenarios.

Designed to excel even in the most unforgiving environments, TAD boasts rugged construction that ensures durability and reliability. Waterproof up to depths of 66 feet (20 meters), it remains operational in extreme conditions, making it an indispensable tool for military, law enforcement, and emergency response personnel. Moreover, TAD provides high-performance thermal image fusion capability at a lower cost than any other competitive device.


In the same family of systems, Safran Optics 1 offers ECOTI, which is an advanced thermal overlay system (Long Wave Infrared) effective in extremely low light conditions or visually obstructed environments. Read more about ECOTI in our blog. The ECOSI is capable of detection in the Short-Wave Infrared spectrum. Read more about ECOSI in this blog. TAD is the Thermal Augmentation Device, similar to ECOTI yet without HUD capability. All systems can be used as Clip-On devices or as handheld thermal imagers.

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