Exploring Magpul’s Multi-Mission Sling Systems

Magpul Industries is well known as an American manufacturer of firearms accessories and equipment. They produce a wide range of products including rifle stocks, magazines, grips, sights, and other accessories. Their products are often praised for their durability, functionality, and innovation. 

Their Slings are purposefully designed and made from quality materials. Weapon slings are essential accessories used to carry firearms comfortably and securely, allowing users to keep their hands free. This is particularly important for soldiers, law enforcement officers, hunters, and recreational shooters who need to have their hands free for other tasks while keeping their firearms readily accessible. It’s essential to choose a sling that matches your firearm, intended use, and personal preferences for the best experience.  

Fortunately, Magpul has a wide range of Slings and attachments to meet everyone’s needs. 

Durable and reliable materials

The Magpul Slings are made with durability and reliability in mind. Consisting of a tough nylon material Magpul Slings are durable and highly effective. The custom-made webbing is load-tested and the Slings are engineered to support far greater loads than users are likely to encounter during typical usage. They can withstand rough handling, abrasion, and other forms of wear and tear which is essential for users who operate in challenging environments or under demanding conditions.

Magpul Slings feature lightweight, yet sturdy hardware crafted from heavy-duty polymer, integrating their innovative MS1 Slider. This design ensures swift and effortless adjustments, while guaranteeing that your chosen sling settings remain secure without any risk of slipping.

Their hardware products offer a versatile compatibility with a range of sling mounting configurations, allowing flexibility tailored to your mission requirements. Installing and removing them is a straightforward process, ensuring convenience and efficiency. 

MS1 Sling

Magpul offers a range of slings, each varying in strength and attachment style, including single-point and two-point attachments. Among these, the MS1 Sling stands out as the most versatile option in Magpul’s rifle sling lineup. The MS1 boasts seamless shoulder transitions, swift adjustability for hands-free rifle carry, and sturdy support for shooting from multiple positions. For those seeking a more compact option without sacrificing strength, the MS1 Lite Sling is an ideal choice, optimized for minimal bulk while maintaining maximum durability. Ideal for lightweight or smaller-form firearms. Additionally, the MS1 Padded Sling is available in the MS1 lineup, providing a dedicated two-point sling with an integrated padded section for enhanced comfort during prolonged use. 

MS3 Sling

The MS3 Multi-Mission Sling System was developed to offer a versatile solution for weapon retention across diverse tactical scenarios. It provides operators the flexibility to utilize either a one-point attachment for agile direct action or a two-point attachment for enhanced stability. When paired with the Magpul ASAP plate, the MS3 facilitates seamless transitions between various shooting positions, preventing tangling or obstruction. Its innovative design enables quick switching from the Weapon Shoulder to the Reaction Shoulder, facilitating shooting around obstacles or minimizing exposure. The MS3 GEN2 introduces a new low-profile quick-adjust slider, reducing bulk while allowing secure and effortless sling adjustment. Additionally, the webbing length has been extended to ensure a comfortable fit for all body types and armor configurations. 

MS4 Sling

The MS4 serves the same mission purpose as the standard MS3 Sling, offering rapid interchangeability between one-point and two-point configurations. It retains the same material construction and specifications as the standard MS3 but substitutes Magpul Paraclips with two robust push-button QD Sling Swivels. Additionally, it incorporates a custom steel connection ring, enabling effortless conversion from one-point to two-point configurations and vice versa. The MS4 QDM Sling GEN2 includes factory-installed Magpul QDM quick-disconnect swivels. 

Sling Attachments

The Magpul Paraclip is a high-strength spring clip with a locking feature, so that once attached you never have to worry about your sling coming off when you don’t want it to. The Paraclip has a lightweight yet durable construction with hardened melonite-finished steel and heavy-duty polymer.

QD Sling Swivel

The QD Sling Swivel features a push-button quick-detach mechanism designed for 1-1/4″ webbing, compatible with QD sling attachment points. Crafted from manganese-phosphate finished steel, it ensures durability and reliability in various conditions. Pair it with the MS1 Sling for a dedicated two-point configuration or utilize it with an MS1 MS4 Adapter for seamless conversion from a two-point to a one-point sling setup. 

QDM - Quick Disconnect Sling Mount

The Magpul QDM represents a robust enhancement over conventional push-button quick detach sling swivels. Its cutting-edge design is compatible with all standard-sized QD cups and introduces a lower-profile sling swivel that facilitates one-handed operation. Featuring a high-strength bale that rotates freely, it channels sling webbing to prevent rollover and boasts superior resistance to corrosion with its Melonite finish. Dual side release tabs are incorporated to prevent accidental release, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions. 

MS1 Adapters

The different MS1 adapters, can be used in a variety of sling mounting combinations. Combine the MS1 MS3 Adapter with the MS1 Sling and Paraclip to provide two to one-point convertibility. The MS1 MS4 Adapter features a QD Sling Swivel and can be combined with the MS1 Sling to provide two to one-point convertibility. The MS1 MS3 QD Adapter can be combined with the MS1 Sling and Paraclip to provide two to one-point convertibility.

RLS Sling

Finally, we have the RLS Sling (Rifle Loop Sling) created with Magpul’s famous proprietary nylon mesh webbing and high-strength polymer hardware. The RLS acts reliably as both a discreet weapon sling and retention mechanism, effectively securing the rifle tucked behind the shoulder. The adjustable forward loop grasps the rifleman’s support arm, creating a stable shooting stance and securely securing the rifle butt against the shoulder. 

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