The ECOSI SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) Imager is a multi-functional device that increases the effectiveness of night vision devices. This Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager is compact and lightweight and can be easily attached to NVDs. It can identify outofband SWIR aim lasers, pointers, beacons, strobes, and 1064nm markers and designators during day and night operations, increasing situational awareness and threat detection. 

SWIR imaging enables crews to see clearly through various atmospheric conditions like haze, fog, sandstorms, snow, and glass, ensuring optimal visibility. This technology is highly effective for dismounted soldiers, reconnaissance, scout/snipers, navy fast boat drivers, and/or pilots. But also for fire departments, it can assist crews in identifying objects or individuals even in thick smoke.

The ECOSI provides two observation modes: See-spot and Pointer, along with two polarity modes: Observe white and Observe black. ECOSI boasts minimal power consumption, enabling prolonged usage on a solitary battery charge, while its design ensures resilience in even the most challenging conditions. It is waterproof down to 66 ft. (20 meters). ECOSI is equipped with HUD (Heads Up Display) functionality and offers real-time, geo-referenced navigation and route execution. When integrated with Android devices, the NVD transforms into a HUD, facilitating the identification of teammates, targets, and route points.  

The navigation functionality of the ECOSI utilizes KML and GPX formats compatible with Google Earth and similar software for straightforward route planning. Additionally, the built-in 16GB SD card enables onboard storage for image capture (over 10,000 .TIF images), navigation tracks, and marking capabilities. AIR-based routes furnish real-time altitude and glide ratio data for navigating under canopy. 


ECOSI can also be used during the day with an optional daytime 2x adapter accessory for See-Spot operations. When integrated with the ECOSI, it serves as either a handheld or rail-mounted daytime See-Spot device featuring PRF (Pulse Rate Frequency) code counting and zooming capabilities.

The lightweight Daytime See-Spot 2x Extender system was designed to enhance visibility and exhibit a laser spot generated by a target marker or designator under typical daylight and bright sunlight conditions. The 2x magnification system aids in precisely targeting objects of interest from afar. It boosts situational awareness and accelerates the elimination of hostile targets. Furthermore, it diminishes the occurrence of battlefield targeting inaccuracies, collateral damage, and friendly fire incidents. 


In the same family of systems, Safran Optics1 offers ECOTI, which is an advanced thermal overlay system (Long Wave Infrared)effective in extremely low light conditions or visually obstructed environments. Read more about ECOTI in our blog. TAD is the Thermal Augmentation Device, similar to ECOTI yet without HUD capability. All systems can be used as Clip-On devices or as handheld thermal imagers. 

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