Advanced Optics: Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear

Ops-Core provides optimum eye protection to maintain visual awareness and personal safety during lasing incidents. Gentex Corporation has over 50 years of experience in high-performance optics manufacturing, and the fundamental design principles of their Ops-Core® brand: modularity, scalability, and user-driven designs. 

Their Laser Dazzle lenses protect against laser threats. Today’s ground forces, law enforcement, emergency services, and customs and border patrol often face blue and green commercial laser pointers. Laser Dazzle lenses are designed to block out precise later light wavelengths to prevent distraction, eye injuries, blurry vision, temporary blindness, and more, without inhibiting performance or vision capabilities. It is quality eyewear that delivers enhanced vision and improved protection made possible by decades of experience with military laser eye protection. The lens technology is designed to maintain color perception to ensure the highest possible level of see-through protection.

Protection from Commercial Laser Threats
The Dazzle Lazer Eyewear blocks the most common blue and green commercial laser threat due to its special absorbing optical dye and lens coating technology. This protects the user from risky reflected or scattered laser light and blocks common Cl Class 2, 1-5mW blue and green laser light wavelengths.

Integration with Ops-Core Optical Protection Solutions
The lenses of the Dazzle Laser Eyewear are available for existing Ops-Core products like the STEP-IN Visor and MK1 Performance Protective Eyewear. The lenses are an upgrade that easily integrates into existing frames without using any tools.

Targeting Night Wear
During dark conditions dazzle night lenses give you almost three times as much visible light transmission as the day lenses to maintain visibility. At the same time, they maintain the same level of green and blue laser light protection. They can be worn during daylight as well.

Advanced Materials for Ultimate Protection and Durability
Dazzle Laser Defense Eyewear consists of lightweight ballistic grade polycarbonate and is designed for comfort and to withstand the rigors faced by elite forces.


Mk1 Performance Protective Eyewear was designed for more ruggedized, mission-configurable eye protection for the military and police. Mk1 provides eye protection in the toughest conditions. Consisting of durable aluminum metal frames, available in different colors with interchangeable lenses that give varying levels of protection. The multiple lens options consist of Clear, Tint, Clear, and Tint (dual lenses), High Contrast, and Laser Dazzle. The lenses use Gentex patented lens technology for maintaining see-through color perception and at the same time give protection from green and blue commercial lasers. They give protection against Blue 445nm at > 1.5OD and 532nm at >2.5OD, traded protection against red laser threats for a higher VLT%. To ensure stabilization during dynamic activities the frames can be formed to fit each user. The design is made to support the user on a wide range of mission needs and withstand some of the toughest environments. Mk1 Performance Protective Eyewear conformance with an abbreviated and modified ANSI Z87.1 for optics and impact performance.


STEP-IN Visor is the ultimate eyewear for Elite Forces. The STEP-IN Visor meets all the ANSI Z87.1 spectacle requirements for ballistics and optics and provides MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic protection. Proprietary dye formulation blocks common Cl Class 2, 1-5mW (blue 445nm at 1.5OD and green 532nm at 2.5OD) commercial laser light wavelengths. It gives the highest possible level of see-through color perception and it is possible to easily swap the interchangeable lenses into a compatibly sized Ops-Core Step-In Visor frame. It provides MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic protection and VLT 40% allows function for both day and night applications.

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